We’re on a mission to empower everyone to own and build wealth through Real Estate
Real estate is one the most important asset class to own in order to build long-term wealth, but it’s highly inaccessible, illiquid, and complicated. There’s tonnes of paperwork, large down payment requirements, and the market is completely illiquid. On top of that, great deals take a lot of time and connections to secure.
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Our team has decades of leadership experience at market leaders in the real estate, technology, financial services and startup environment.
Cherryblocks is a digital real estate investment platform, built to change this. We leverage our network and expertise, built up over 20+ years leading the biggest real estate companies in Germany, to source the best properties in our markets, and break down the entry barrier for investors to only 100€. The rest is on us – we manage all of your investments, from acquisition to maintenance and exit.

With Cherryblocks, you can start building a german real estate portfolio in minutes.
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